Athens Greece Militant protest against 6day work and extension of unpaid work

With a militant protest at the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Federations and trade unions gave a first responst to the government and the employers, who are now promoting in practice the anti-working regulations to deregulate completely the working time, to increase the degree of exploitation, burying even deeper our right for 8-hour and 5-day working week.

The class unions demanded that the ministry’s measures be withdrawn now, and declared that any attempt to implement the 6-day work week will be stopped, and at the same time they signaled a workers’ uprising.

“7 hours – 5 days is what the workers demand, this measure will remain on paper,” they declared with their mobilization.

“NO to 6-day work, we will not give not an hour extra to the bosses” the protesters wrote in red letters on the pavement in front of the ministry.

Speaking at the protest the unions stated

“Now let the workers’ uprising begin! Prepare for all-out conflict! We go on the counter-offensive and organize all the factories, all the workplaces. We respond with war to the war that has been declared against us! The great struggles to defend our lives are ahead. To see better days, we and our families, we need to overturn this policy, to overturn our exploiters. We say to them: To hell with your profits! We choose our lives!”