Friday, June 21, 2024


The European Regional Office of WFTU was founded on the decision of the 14th Congress of WFTU. It was established because the new conditions on an international level made it imperative that the World Federation of Trade Unions WFTU readapt its activity which is why the decision to establish Regional Offices in every region was taken.
The World Federation of Trade Unions has linked its historical course and activity with the struggles of the working class internationally since its foundation in 1945 after the crushing of fascism in Europe.
Each Regional Office of WFTU in its region promotes, follows and coordinates the activity of the National Trade Union Organisations and the International Unions who are members and friends of WFTU.
The role of the European Regional Office in this instance is very important. Today when in Europe we are daily facing policies which are contrary to all that has been won by the working class after so many years of struggle through its sacrifices, hardships and imprisonment but also by sacrificing lives, paying the price for fighting for its rights and the trade union freedoms of workers and working people in general, the European Regional Oofice has an important role to play in the region.
As a result of the changes taking place in society, working people and their organisations are daily being bombarded by the Mass Media about the policies promoted by various governments aiming mainly at the distancing of working people form the Trade Union Movement and the deregulation of labour relations.
Therefore it is essential that, apart from its coordinating role, the European Regional Office must daily be in the front line of the struggle for the protection of the gains of the orking class in each country separately. At the same time through continuous contact it should seek to help organisations to join the ranks of the World Federation of Trade Unions, aiming chiefly to promote the more effective tackling of the regression which the ruling circles of capital and of neo-liberalism and the new world order are attempting to impose