PAME Statement: We Honor the anniversary of Nakba by strengthening the fight for FREE PALESTINE

The anniversary of the Nakba, the “destruction” and uprooting of the
people of Palestine in 1948, this year takes place in the context of a
new destruction, a genocide in live broadcast.

On 15 May 1948, the murder of 15,000 Palestinians and the uprooting of
700,000 people from their homes began. In the last 7 months the Israeli
killing machine, with the backing of the US-NATO-EU and the Greek
governments, has MURDERED 35,000 Palestinians and over 15,000 children.
While at the same time it has driven 2 million people of Gaza to
starvation and uprooting.

In the face of the greatest crime of the 21st century, peoples are not
standing idly by. Against the imperialist governments and mechanisms,
which have painted their hands with the blood of the Palestinian people,
the peoples are rising all over the world, demanding FREE PALESTINE!

Workers, students, artists, against intimidations, repression and
persecutions, are developing diverse, massive and militant actions of
solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The supporters of the murderer state of Israel, are proceeding with
arrests and prosecutions of trade unionists, expulsions of students,
smears and slander to hide the truth and break down this huge, global
solidarity movement.

Once again it is shown that history is written by the people with their

Now it is necessary to strengthen even more solidarity and actions to
stop the crime, to stop the new Nakba in Palestine. Now it is necessary
to strengthen the struggle of workers, youth to condemn the forces that
support the murderous state of Israel.

  We honor the anniversary of Nakba by strengthening in every workplace,
in every school and college, in every neighborhood the fight for FREE