Spain, ASC: the fight continues in Telefónica-Movistar

The yellow unionism of the organizations affiliated to the CES together with the Spanish employers continue with their plans to destroy employment in a company like Telefónica-Movistar. Facing this barbarism, we find the Alternativa Sindical de Clase union, affiliated with the World Federation of Trade Unions, which is once again leading a week of mobilizations against the dismissal of 3,421 workers from the multinational telecommunications company.

The strike day called on December 20 was followed by a week of mobilizations in defense of our jobs. In this way, next Tuesday, February 13, a telematic assembly has been called to reach the last worker in Spain. On Wednesday, February 14, a rally is called in the communications city of Madrid where the company has its headquarters and most of the staff. And on Thursday, February 14, a strike is called for the entire day, to which are added concentrations in the center of Madrid, Barcelona and Seville.

Collaborative unionism in the multinational has surpassed all red lines and will allow the company not only to destroy 3,421 jobs to make the activity precarious, but also for many of the workers to be forcibly dismissed.

To the personal dramas we must add the social cost for the state coffers, which will collect fewer taxes from salaries, as well as having to assume the expenses derived from the payment of unemployment benefits to which many workers will have to resort.

The great beneficiary of this operation will be the company and, ultimately, the large shareholders. Vulture funds, such as Blackrock or Saudi Telecom, big banks, such as Banco Bilbao Vizcaya or La Caixa, which have been acquiring shares of a company that was once public and that was privatized as part of the Union project strategy European.

But also the social agents CCOO and UGT, affiliated with the CES and the CSI, who will continue to receive large sums of subsidy money from the employers as partners of the company Fonditel that manages the Private Business Plan and that confronts the defense of public pensions as we defend in our union.

We inform the World Federation of Trade Unions and the International Union of Transport, Ports, Fisheries and Communications Unions of our struggle so that it is publicized and extended among the world’s working class. As well as to have in perspective some type of mobilization on an international scale against the process of precariousness of jobs that is doing so much damage to the working class, in this case, in the telecommunications sector.