Solidarity with the German railway workers’ strike

Dear comrades,

On behalf of the Secretariat of the European Office of the WFTU, I send you the support and solidarity of the WFTU-affiliated class unions in Europe to your important strike that is blocking the rail transport in Germany on the basis of a class platform.

All over Europe the transport sector is fighting for more wages and less hours, for more safety and better working conditions. Across Europe the bosses and transport companies are responding with repression, demanding that governments pass laws to restrict the right to strike in public services in order to disarm the working class.

In this attack on the right to strike, the bosses and governments are often supported by the trade union centres affiliated to the CIS, which want to consolidate their trade union monopoly and prevent the growth of an alternative, class-based and militant trade unionism.

We consider your strike to be very important and we stand with you and wish you every success.

Pierpaolo Leonardi

Head of the European Regional Office (EUROF)