Call for solidarity with the Argentinian Workers!

On the occasion of the national strike is being organized in Argentina on the 24th of January 2024, the WFTU calls on its affiliates to mobilize with the Argentinean workers on the same day, under the slogan “Solidarity with the Argentinean workers“. Trade unions and workers in every corner of the world can express their support and solidarity by organizing mobilizations outside Argentinian embassies and consulates, and in any other possible way.

The WFTU expresses its support for the strike and mobilization called by the Argentinean trade union confederations (CGT, CTA T and CTA A) and our affiliate unions, to express their opposition to the measures of the ultra-liberal and neo-fascist government of Javier Milei.

The Decree of Necessity and Urgency (DNU), the Protocol against mobilizations and social protests and the Omnibus law that directly attacks the rights of the workers, as well as the rights of the trade unions themselves, public enterprises and the resources of all Argentines, are added to the recent letters against multiple trade unions and social organizations for the mobilizations of 22 and 27 December, intimidating them into paying the cost of the operations of the federal security forces, and mark the current scene.

These policies, apart from being extremely neoliberal, are also a harsh attack on trade union freedoms, such as the right to organize and to strike.

The WFTU, which represents more than 105 million workers in 133 countries, joins its voice with the Argentinean workers in declaring a state of permanent alarm against these regressive actions and expresses solidarity with the workers in their struggle for justice.

Solidarity with the Argentinean workers!

The Secretariat.