Demonstration against the British bases in Cyprus

The Pancyprian Federation of Labour (PEO) supported the demonstration against the British Bases at Akrotiri  organised by the Cyprus Peace Council  on Sunday 14 January 2024. 

The demonstrators denounced the air strikes that are carried out from the British bases and the transfer of arms to support the Israeli army’s operations in the Gaza Strip and demanded an immediate ceasefire and for humanitarian aid to be rendered to Gaza.

The demonstrators chanted slogans such as “The enemy is imperialism”, “Cyprus – Palestine Solidarity”, “Out Out, British Bases Out’ and ‘British Bases you can’t hide, you are committing genocide’.

A delegation of the Cyprus Peace Council submitted a memorandum to a representative of the British Bases, denouncing “the use and involvement of the British Bases in Cyprus in the airstrikes against the people of the region, the illegal presence of the American troops in our country through the British military base in Akrotiri , the creation of an American military base within the British Cape Bases and the illegal presence of 3000 American soldiers”. It also denounces “the transfer of US war materials and forces to support the operations of the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip and Yemen”. “Cyprus is neither a base of the US-NATO nor of the British. As a Cypriot people, we do not want our country to be involved in any way in the massacre that is taking place in the Gaza Strip”, continues the memorandum, which requires the “immediate dismantling of the British Bases, as well as all foreign military bases in the countries of our region and in the world”.

The Cyprus Peace Council points out that the common enemy is imperialism which gives birth to wars, chauvinism and militarism, noting that “Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots are fighting for peace to prevail in our country, we are fighting for a solution that will reunite Cyprus and free us from the foreign armies and guardians, we strive so that our country becomes a bridge of peace and cooperation of peoples”.