USB expresses full solidarity to the greek people

USB is with the greek people in this difficult moment, we are with our brothers and sisters of Pame that are doing all the work to help the people of the villages and towns affected by the floods.

Solidarity is our weapon, the class oriented trade unions are with the populations and help them.

A massive solidarity mission of workers from the Unions of Athens took place on Sunday, September 17, to provide support and assistance in practice with the victims of the floods.

Tons of material aid, drinking water, food and necessities for the affected were transferred. Upon arrival, the unionists were divided into the many villages and then went to homes, which had been destroyed by the floods and the people did not have any assistance in order to clean them.

The mission was also accompanied by a number of militant doctors, who went to the villages to provide medical assistance. Also, an important number of young workers and students participated in the mission, taking important lessons of organization and solidarity in practice.

The whole mission was met with gratitude and expressions of solidarity in villages that till today have not received any assistance from the official state.

We are with the geek people and we sustain our brothers and sisters of Pame in their active solidarity