PAME Call for National Strike September 21-Big demonstration Sept. 15

 With a big Demonstration in front of the Parliament, on Friday, September 15, the class unions gave a first, militant response to the Government’s attempt to impose a new antiworkers’ bill, while the people are still counting losses from the deadly floods and wildfires.

The demonstration was also a militant call for a massive, immediate strike alert to all workers and unions with all workers’ strike on Thursday, September 21.

Under the slogan “Their profits or our lives” the workers declared their decision not to allow their own lives to be destroyed, not to be squeezed at work, not to be crushed under the iron heel of the laws of profit and exploitation.

“Workers, do not accept modern slavery, you can abolish laws and bosses,” the unions shouted, and also condemning the huge disasters by wildfires and floods the workers stated “Drowned in the rains, burned in the fires, human lives are not cost,” sending a message that their demand for protection measures will grow stronger, against the policy of the government.