PEO denounces the persecution of French trade unionists

The Pancyprian Federation of Labour PEO denounces the attempt to criminalise and prosecute trade unionists in France following the struggles developed by the trade union movement against the pension reform imposed by Macron’s government.

During these struggles on many occasions the police used violence against demonstrators and the attempt to prosecute the Secretary General of the Energy Federation Sébastien Menesplier is yet another attempt to intimidate the trade union movement and violate trade union freedoms.

We extend our class solidarity and support to Sébastien Menesplier, General Secretary of the CGT Energy Federation who was called to be interrogated by the police.

PEO calls for the annulment of the proceedings and the non-prosecution of Sébastien Menesplier and demands the cessation of all police and disciplinary proceedings against trade unionists for strikes against the Macron government’s anti-labor laws.

The workers’ response to attacks and anti-labor policies is international solidarity and unity.