Greece: unions immediate response to new death of rider at work

Another worker, a 55-year-old rider, was killed at work on Monday, June 26 at Thessaloniki. The Unions immediately responded with a massive bike-protest, where after paying their respects to the point the worker was killed, rode to the local Ministry demanding safety measures for workers.

The Unions of Thessaloniki stated in their Press Release:

“Another work “accident” is added to the previous ones, at the cost of human life itself. Another tragic crime, which proves in the worst way that our wages comes through the crippling of workers and our own physical integrity. These tragic events are the result of the total lack of protection and safety measures, the pressure for rapid ‘service’, intensification and exhausting working hours, which confront workers with daily burnout, increasing the risks even further.

Protective measures are constantly being cut back as health and safety ‘costs’ employers, state controls are non-existent, the relevant services and the Labour Inspectorate (SEPE) are being downgraded, while the Centres for the Prevention of Occupational Risks are under-functioning.

For this reason, joining our unions and organising the struggle for demands is a one-way street for the working class against the unacceptable working conditions that prevail in many companies. Demands based on our modern needs, to work in safety, with decent wages and with all the necessary benefits, to return home at the end of the shift.

We extend our sincere condolences to the family and colleagues of the deceased rider. We demand an immediate investigation and clarification of the causes that led to this tragic work ‘accident’.